Reliable but unconfirmed information is that the infamous Denny Grijalva is under pressure from Prime Minister and UDP Party Leader, Dean Barrow to step down.
Grijalva became notoriously infamous after equipment from his company mauled down the Noh Mul Mayan monument in the Orange Walk District in May of 2013. In spite of national and international outrage over the egregious act, the UDP welcomed Grijalva back into the fold and last Sunday, February 15 he was endorsed as standard bearer for the Orange Walk Central division. He would face off with the formidable former Leader of the PUP, John Briceño who is undefeated in that division.
The chagrin by UDPs, PUPs and visitors alike who love Belize resurrected again following the audacious act by the UDP. This time it may have prompted PM Barrow to act. Word out the UDP Orange Walk camp is that Barrow and his Deputy Gaspar Vega are not seeing eye to eye over this one, a second blow to Vega’s camp by Barrow in less than a week since he forced Vega to fire three senior persons from his Ministry. Best word is that there may be a growing rift between Barrow and Vega.
According to reliable sources in Orange Walk, Barrow wants Grijalva replaced by Philip De la Fuente.
De La Fuente we are told is no favorite of Gaspar Vega who commands authority in the entire north for the UDP so if indeed Grijalva is made to step aside, De La Fuente may not get any support or endorsement from Vega.