Fri. March 7, 2014

Reliable information is that infamous former Minister of Immigration, Elvin Penner has absconded!

NBZLive has been reliably informed that following word that police were going to pick him up before the weekend was out – Penner boarded a Guatemalan tour bus and headed to Mexico.

On Monday, March 3, 2014, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin issued an order of mandamus ordering reticent Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie to conduct an investigation into circumstances which resulted in jailed in Taiwan, South Korean citizen, Won Hong Kim, procuring a Belizean passport and citizenship. The document was signed by the disgraced former Minister, Elvin Penner.

The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) has refused to conduct investigations into the matter that has outraged Belizeans at home and abroad.

Since the decision by the Supreme Court, a memo has surfaced exposing major effort to cover up not only what has transpired but also to suppress an investigation by a senior member of the Belize Police Department. The head spinning turn of events shows the rampancy of corruption within the Barrow administration and their audacity to cover.

NBZLiVe has also been reliably informed that Penner’s alleged escape may have been aided former colleagues in Barrow’s cabinet who might also be implicated in the passport and visa hustle. One in particular who went to see him before he took his first trip across the border reportedly to seek medical attention for headaches due to stress from his own egregious indiscretion is said to have had key role in helping Penner to escape.

With Penner allegedly gone, we can only expect for other charges to be filed against him for evading Justice.