According to history, slave masters ate the best part of the pig and then gave the parts they didn’t want to their slaves – thus why descendants of slaves to this day eat pigtail and pig snout (nose). Whether true of not, similar scenario played out that last Thursday’s 20,000 Strong march held under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s wife, Kim Simplis-Barrow.

From the get-go, the event was all sorts of wrong. First Simplis-Barrow could not articulate what exactly the March was about, except to say that it was to empower women….then gee…we here at NBZLive are wondering how does marching in the broiling heat of the sun after being bussed in from various parts of the country “empower women?”

Perhaps tired of Simplis’ charades the Catholic Church issued a release criticizing the march because it excluded men and ignored their contribution. The event, it was said was more a smoke screen to promote the government’s gender policy which has been heavily criticized by Belize’s Christian community.

But with all the daggers thrown at the concept which we are yet to determine the significance and benefit to the women of Belize especially those who attended, the march dubbed 20,000 Strong went off without a hitch on Thursday, March 6th.

Women from across the country showed up dressed in bright orange t-shirts and marched on principal streets of Belize City. They weren’t “20,000 strong” but there were enough to make a statement.

Women from the south came away particularly chagrined that after placing confidence in Simplis’ simpleness, they were insulted by what they were served for lunch, a foam plate of dry rice and beans with no meat!

According to chairperson of the Women’s Department and event promoter Anne Marie Williams, the event cost over $250,000.00. That sum whatever the final figure was, forked over by the people and Government of Belize. Reportedly, the Oak Foundation also contributed to the event.

Many women, we are told left the event long before it concluded saying that there was no point to it. However a few men saw the importance and went out to march. Former Leader of Opposition, John Briceño showed up with his wife and Minister of sports, Herman Longsworth also showed up as well as Reverend Gough who had a few choice words for the Catholic Church who criticized the event.

It is left to be seen if Mrs. Barrow will make an appearance in the media to give her review of the event.