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My Foray Into Food Storage

If this makes you feel overwhelmed:


I have some very simple advice: begin where you are.

Helpful, right?  Well, it’s true that my statement doesn’t give you a ton of detail, but that simple advice helped me.  Here’s how…

I knew I wanted to have more food storage (truthfully, some food storage is a better phrase, because I really didn’t have any other than a few extra cans of tomatoes in my cupboard), but I didn’t know how to start.  I’d seen these “year supply” all-in-one deals available through a lot of food storage companies, and they sounded so easy!  Of course, with ease comes expense.  And those babies are EXPENSIVE!!!  A couple grand per person.  With my family of 6, that wasn’t happening.

I was stuck.  I didn’t have enough money to shell out over $10,000 for a year’s supply of food, but I didn’t know where to begin.

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