Garbutt, 21, goofing with his alleged accomplice, Faith Dueck, 18. 



Garbutt; fourth from left



Friday, March 21, 2014

Things quickly unraveled after news broke around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 20th that Kayla Burgess, 24 of Indpendence Village had been kidnapped.

Burgess a recent graduate from the University of Belize in Belmopan, left her home in Independence village, Stann Creek District sometime on Thursday morning in her Kia Sorento en route to Belmopan. Her early departure didn’t raise any alarm bells but as families do, Kayla checked in with her brother around midday. She seemed to be in good spirits and nothing seemed ominous.

According to a report carried by Patrick Jones, Kayla informed her brother, Caral Pandy that she was heading out west to Bullet Tree Falls village in the Cayo District. A cousin who spoke with Kayla face to face in Belmopan around the same time on Thursday also reported that she was told by Kayla was on her way to Bullet Tree to meet with someone. When questioned by her cousin about her mission in Bullet Tree since it was assumed that she was unfamiliar with the area or anyone from the area, Kayla only said she was going to meet someone there.

We assume that Kayla left Belmopan alone in her vehicle and headed west early afternoon after speaking with her brother, mother and cousin. Things got pretty murky and alarm bells went off round, 4:00 p.m. (Belize Time) after Kayla’s mother received a ransom request via text from her daughter’s cellphone. The person demanded BZD$250 Thousand for Kayla’s safe return. Another text to Kayla’s brother, Carral Pandy, warned the family not to get the police involved. While the messages were ominous, the Burgess family were still of the impression that Kayla was alive but in serious trouble. Things grew frantic however when another text from Kayla’s phone begged her mother, “please help me.”  

Frantic about the only girl in the family, the police were contacted and an immediate search was launched in the Bullet Tree area where it was indicated that Kayla was taken.

Things took a tragic turn when Kayla’s body was discovered on the Bullet Tree Road shortly after 6:00 p.m. Speculation is that Kayla was murdered earlier in the afternoon. Sadly, police didn’t make it in time to rescue Kayla. Her body was found inside her gold Kia Sorento, (License plate – SC-C-11084) parked about 100 yards away from Pride of Mopan Bar on the Santa Familia Road.According to police, she was found with a black pastic bag over face that was fastened around her neck with a white plastic tighener. 

Two students of Galen College were taken into custody, one of them said to be Kayla’s boyfriend, Vince Garbutt, 21, is a member of the college’s basketball team, Galen Eagles. Police say that Garbutt who had scratches on his left shoulder, left side of the chest, back, left side of his face, neck and right arm confessed to strangling Kayla and disposing of her body and vehicle. His alleged accomplice is Faith Dueck a Mennonite student also of Galen College was also taken into custody. Dueck described by police as “his 18 year old girlfriend” also works as a waitress in the Kontiki area.  

NBZLive has confirmed that police have recorded statements from both students and they are expected to lay charges for Murder on Friday. Evidence so far, points to a tryst that went horridly awry. Kayla reportedly went to meet Garbutt at his home in the Kontiki area of San Ignacio to end their relationship. From what we’ve been able to gather, Kayla’s family was unaware of a relationship between Garbutt and their girl.

What exactly happened or what Kayla encountered at Garbutt’s home is not quite known. Sources speculate that Kayla put up a fierce fight for her life. Police believe that she was strangled with a nylon rope at Garbutt’s home before her was body later disposed in the Bullet Tree area.

NBZLive has gathered that Faith Dueck didn’t actually participate in the strangulation but is being named as an accomplice. That is because she reportedly drove Garbutt’s vehicle to pick him up from the scene where he abandoned Kayla’s body in her vehicle.  

Garbutt, we are told, reported to classes at Galen early Thursday afternoon but only stayed for about twenty minutes. It is believed that Kayla Burgess had already been killed by the time her family received the ransom demand purportedly from the kidnapper. That demand was made to throw police, who were in hot pursuit, off course.

Police are not confirming at this time but NBZLive has been reliably informed that police also recovered two broken acrylic nails and a bloody towel from Garbutt’s bedroom. Kayla’s vehicle key was found in Garbutt’s car and her slippers were retrieved from a drum in front of his home, 

Garbutt is a member of his college’s basketball team, the Galen Eagles. His facebook page portrays a college jock who enjoys a lot attention from young women. Among the bevy of beauties is disgraced former Minister of Immigration, Elvin Penner’s daughter, Lali Penner with whom we are reliably told that the two are involved.

Pictures of him posing shirtless on the beach and with other jocks, members of  the basketball team and others of him with other young women portray a young man who was living up the college life. Interestingly, there is no connection between Kayla and Vinny Garbutt on facebook but we’ve been reliably informed that they too had some sort relationship. Her ill-fated trip out west was to end that relationship, a source says.   

A picture of Garbutt “goofing” around with his alleged accomplice, Faith Dueck appears on his Facebook page. Let’s just say that Kayla Burgess didn’t enjoy such prominence in Garbutt’s world. It appears had an affinity for the lighter, fairer, moneyed, Mennonite girls from the Cayo area. That may have frustrated kayla, who is of a darker complexion to go see him for the last time. 

Kayla’s family apparently knew nothing of their alleged relationship. Being the apple of her father’s eyes and the only female child she was rather sheltered, a source told NBZLive. Proud of her achievement of graduating from University of Belize last year, her father rewarded his prized daughter with the Kia Sorrento that she was driving. Kayla, we are also told enjoyed a comfortable more privileged life, in Independence village. The family owns and operates, Hokey Pokey Water Taxi which transports passengers between Placencia and Independence villages.

Vince “Vinny” Garbutt and his alleged accomplice, Faith Dueck are expected to be charged for Murder later on Friday.