Friday, March 21, 2014

I read half of the comments about my blog on the murder Kayla Burgess made by a media colleague and the entire comment by a purported Galen alumni. I was interested in what someone else supposedly close to the parties in the terrible tragedy had to say.

My hopes were dashed when I was made the target of their objections….typical “shoot the messenger mentality”. It was well executed. Congratulations!

Now as for my colleague, I care nothing about his unctuousness about my blog. As the Galen alumni rightly said, I’m entitled to my opinion.

I cannot help but detect a little bit of envy on his part that he wasn’t playing a starring in this one. It is the disgusting and counterproductive behavior of some in Belize’s nascent media environment that I detest. The news is NEVER about the reporter!

This is 2014.! We are living in an era when the internet and the media is pervasive. No one OWNS the news!

Our people have the right to information in real time as the internet and technology now affords! I’m not beholden to an incompetent system that is bridled by those who actively participate in dumbing down our people.

By my “coverage” and the contributions of many, including others in the media and some who knew both Vince Garbutt and Ms. Kayla Burgess, I was able to put together as vivid a story as possible. I’m merely a conduit for information NOT THE STAR OF THE SHOW!

You don’t see me branding pictures that aren’t mine, so pathetic. Is that how deep your hunger for acknowledgement runs? I simply give people what they want! People want to know what’s happening as soon as it happens and as accurate as they can get it. Not some watered, down, bland, pacified bullshit that is presented at 6:30 p.m.

Based from the feedback I get, (don’t be jealous, lol) I dare say, I do a hell of a lot more than your lazy ass, know-it-all sanctimonious bullshitters in Belize who wrongfully call yourselves “journalists” do. I’m glad that I’m not entirely dependent upon you to inform our people at home and in the diaspora.

Come on over into the 21st century, it’s really not a bad time to be living in. What makes it miserable are troglodytes like you who much prefer to keep our people beholden and dumbed down.

For those who believe in me, I respect you enough to do my endeavor best to TELL YOU THE TRUTH HOWEVER DISTASTEFUL and sometimes salacious and uncomfortable it may be. I seek no accolades. Thankfully I’m well rewarded for what I do and I take my commitment, though unsolicited, very seriously.

To those who commend my work, I pass that on to my colleagues who WORK HARD, ARE UNDERPAID AND UNAPPRECIATED! We operate on a basis of mutual respect and for me, that is PRICELESS!

How about some of you know-it-alls organize and form a respectable and formidable media alliance. For the dangers that media people are subjected (getting worse in Belize) to, media workers in Belize are in desperate NEED of PROTECTION. In a society where professionals of any discipline are disregarded and their talent is ignored, media workers need and DESERVE a HECK OF A LOT BETTER!

Rather than touting bullshit you don’t quite understand as gospel, how about UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTING THE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH BILL?!? Media workers NEED the protection as I said earlier and in this day and age, there is no excuse for media workers in Belize to be endangering lives and limbs for the pittance, sweatshop labor wages that they are paid and on top of it – get no form of protection! NONE!

Rather than exposing your big brains, how about exposing owners of media houses who take advantage of media workers including yourself! Stop whispering and free yourself my friend…there is a society that depends on us. There is a society that wants the truth, not some pacified half ass, bland bullshit.

Get off it. We have a society that is teetering on anarchy. We are called the FOURTH ESTATE for a very valuable reason. DO YOUR JOB, HONOR YOUR COMMITMENT! I’M NOT YOUR COMPETITION OR YOUR ENEMY!

WELCOME TO THE 21st Century! #Joinus