Saturday, March 22, 2014,



Mr. and Mrs Faber during happier times.

Like the song by Rose Royce, says, “you’ve abandoned me; love don’t live here anymore”. That must be what Minister of Education Patrick Faber was feeling on Friday evening when he paid his wife, Krishna Faber a visit at her mom’s home on Gill Street.

Divorces are never a good thing. It’s harder when there are children involved. Both parties to the petition must try as best they can not to visit any trauma or discomfort on the children. Try telling that to Minister of Education, Patrick Faber!

NBZLive has confirmed that Faber showed up at the Gill Street home of his mother-in-law, on Friday evening around six and got into a confrontation with his soon to be ex wife, Krishna Faber. It is not known what made the minister lose his cool but his penchant is well known as it has been on display before the nation in the House of Representatives.

Faber, reportedly in an apparent intoxicated state hurled a cement block onto the windshield of his wife’s vehicle before leaving the property. Mrs. Faber moved in with her mom sometime late last year after enduring much verbal and physical abuse from her husband, sources close to them say.

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Certainly indecorous behavior for a Minister of Government, let alone the Minister of Education! Faber’s penchant for acting out is well known and yesterday was no different when he registered his discontent by picking up a cement block and hurled it at his wife’s vehicle. Unfortunate also, is that Faber’s two young sons were with him and saw their father’s supercilious behavior. The two boys broke down crying a source told NBZLive.

Faber had just left a reunion and birthday party in his honor by the St John’s Cathedral Youth Group.


This picture posted on Faber’s facebook page was taken with members of the youth group and friends of the Minister who attended to celebrate with him.

Faber is known to crawl bars and drinking. Sources close to the Fabers say that the Minister would go home after one of his binges and terrorize his family. He, is also known to get quite amorous with women while out partying. Mrs. Faber had gotten enough of Patrick’s philandering ways and abuse therefore she left him.

After almost ten years of marriage, Mrs. Faber has filed for divorce. We are not sure who has main custody of the two young boys.

As is normal practice in Belize where Ministers of Government are treated as if they are about the law, Faber has not been arrested. It is not known if Mrs. Faber has filed a report with the police. Two police men, close friends of Faber’s were with him and none of them did anything to restrain him witnesses say.