Monday, March 24, 2014

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News went viral over the weekend that Belize’s Minister of Education, Patrick Faber went berserk on Friday evening in front of his mother-in-law’s home on Gill Street in Belize City and shattered the windsheild of his estranged wife’s vehicle. It is not known what ticked off the minister known for his penchant to easily become unhinged.

Mrs. Krishna Faber and Patrick have been married since 2004. Things deteriorated over recent years, we’re told, due to Faber’s drinking, philandering and abuse. Late last year, Mrs. Faber packed up and left and moved back home with her mother on Gill Street.

Perhaps on or after one of his binges on Friday evening, Faber headed over to see his wife where they got into an argument after which, Faber hurled a cement block at his wife’s vehicle. The Fabers, two young boys witnessed their father’s boorish and violent behavior towards their mother and began to cry, a source told NBZLive. Faber marked his 36th birthday on Friday, March 21st. A party was held in his honor by the St. John’s Anglican youth group and friends. The incident happened around six on Friday evening.



In response to the allegations, Faber posted on his Facebook page on Monday, following his contribution in the National Assembly to the 2014 budget debate.

 “The article being circulated is riddled with falsities. It is clearly crafted by those who would wish to tear me down. Im not at all surprised by some corners who are engaged in this attack who must engage In personal attacks because professional attacks would go nowhere. The truth is that my wife and I are going through a separation. It is a matter that is for us both a personal issue. We would hope that you can respect that, if not for us then for the sake of our two boys. I remain constant in service to the people of Collet and the nation as it’s Minister of Education, Youth and Sports,” Patrick Faber posted from Belmopan.

The nation waited with baited breath to hear if Faber or one of his colleagues in the House from either side would address Friday’s incident. So far and as is typical, Belizean leaders are ignoring this most indecorous act by the Minister of Education in Women’s Month, no less!