Facebook picture of Faith Dueck with accused Vince “Vinnie” Garbutt. Photo captioned, “Goofing off with this crazy girl. Lol. Watching AllStar game. It’s only right. Can’t wait for my pizza, faith hurry up with my pizza. Lol

Monday, March 24, 2014

Audrey Matura-Shepherd, attorney for co-accused, Faith Dueck in the murder of Kayla Burgess released the following statement on behalf of her client on Monday. The accused, Vince Garbutt, 21 has been formally charged for Murder. His mugshot issued by police on Monday, shows scratches on Garbutt’s cheek and neck. 


Audrey Matura-Shepherd wrote to the press on Monday: “The Family of 18 year old Faith Deuck, wishes to set the record straight that unlike all the speculations and accusations against her, she is no accomplice in the death of 24 year old Kayla Burgess, and she too is as much a victim of the accused 21 year old Vince “Vinnie” Garbutt. She had just become his room-mate sharing the same house in the Kontiki Area the Monday before the murder of Burgess, whom Faith met through Vinnie who introduced Kayla as a friend and with whom she had socialized before in the company of Vinnie. 

To faith, it was not unusual to see Vinnie with Kayla’s vehicle nor to learn that he dropped off Kayla or picked her up somewhere or even had to take the vehicle for Kayla somewhere, thus seeing him with the vehicle that Thursday did not send off any alarm bells to her. It would not even have been unusual for Vinnie and Kayla to hook up and make plans unknown to her or for Kayla to even visit him. It was not until police visited Faith at her workplace Thursday night that she learnt that Kayla was dead, which was devastating news in itself and worst yet when she learnt that Vinnie admitted to being responsible for her death and recalling that earlier he had been in possession of Kayla’s gold Kia.

This has been a very trying time for Faith as well, as she mourns the death of Kayla whom she had come to know as one of Vinnie’s many female friends. She offers her sincerest condolences to the family of Kayla Burgess.

While in police custody Faith offered a statement outlining what she knew of that day’s events and maintains she had not known Kayla had been killed and that she has nothing to do with Kayla’s death. Further, she is in pain knowing that her roommate, whom she also trusted could have done such horrible act to Kayla, a friend, like her.

This experience has been traumatic for Faith and her family as it has been painful and tragic to Kayla’s family to whom they extend their sincerest sympathies at the loss of their beloved daughter.

NBZLive note: Release does not answer the allegation that Faith Dueck drove Garbutt’s car to pick him up from site where he abandoned Kayla Burgess’ body inside her Kia Sorento. For someone who is a “roommate”, Dueck looks quite at home with Garbutt!