Monday, March 31, 2014

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There has been bad blood among Dangriga UDPs leading up to the convention to select a standard bearer for that constituency and it seems that bad blood has boiled over!

NBZLive has confirmed that Clerk of National Assembly, Eddie Webster was in police custody for questioning regarding a murder for hire report which was lodged sometime on Friday. It is unknown whether Webster was picked up or if he volunteered to go in based upon police request.

No one is talking as the UDP would much prefer that this stayed out of public domain however we’ve been reliably informed that the alleged hit man is Jermaine “Mouse” Miranda.

Miranda who is no stranger to police allegedly reported that he was contacted by the Clerk of the National Assembly, Eddie Webster and offered BZD$5,000.00 to shoot and kill former Mayor of Dangriga and current UDP standard bearer, Frank “Papa” Mena.

UDPs in Dangriga have been embroiled in a war of words and some threats leading up to the convention which occurred on Sunday, January 26th, 2014. Mena, according to UDP Dangriga Chairman, Anthony Noralez, was anointed by Party Leader and Prime Minister, Dean Barrow.That chagrined other contestants and their disapproval was registered on Facebook.

Things seemed to have abated after the purported chosen candidate was elected but all indications are that, that is far from the truth and emotions run deep still. It is needless to mention the impact on the UDP’s chances in that constituency. This however marks a new era in our political culture. Even the idea of eliminating a candidate because he or she is not liked ushers in a dangerous era in Belizean politics.

Papa Mena by his own character is a polarizing figure to say the least and his candidacy visited turmoil within the UDP in Griga. The hierarchy of UDP by their practice of anointing candidates and giving them loads of cash to go out and woo supporters is doing more harm than good. Most conventions so far have  resulted in fall outs with losing candidates threatening to support opposition candidates in the general elections. Others have just left the UDP.

Officer in Charge at the Dangriga Police Station, Robert Mariano is mum on the report. NBZLive has confirmed however, that Mariano interviewed Webster on Friday.

The “D: in UDP has taken on a whole new meaning.