Sunday, April 13, 2014

A sign of an early election? UDP standard bearers met on Saturday, April 12th for training with party chairman Alberto August and secretary general Pearl Stuart. Ralph Huang is all smiles for the camera.

As is being widely speculated by the rumors of the impending resignation of Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, indications are that elections could be imminent.

Seems captain Barrow cannot right his ship and there is mutiny aboard.

Barrow’s Swan Song on February 5, 2014
“Every time I take action, as I tell you am sworn to do and as I am telling you I will continue to do, there are political repercussions because of the slimness of the majority. I bear that well in mind as I take the actions that I take. Ultimately if I have to take more actions and it results in two persons or perhaps three persons who are in the House, resigning from the party thus triggering either bye-elections or a general election, I will simply have to do what my duty and conscience tell me I must do and live with the consequences, which will no doubt be a loss of the consequent general elections. I am not going to go there easily as I said, but if I have to, I will go there.”

PM Barrow’s foreboding on October 10th, 2013
“In any event Minister Hulse will be here to attest to what I am saying. I have heard such reports and Minister Hulse and Minister Boots and all other ministers will tell you that I have repeatedly said in Cabinet ladies and gentlemen I think we are doing a fine job. We will have our problems; there are the second term blows. A friend of mine suggested that second term such be referred to as quick sand terms; but that I believe we can come through in the end and come through well.”


“But if there is one thing that can and would bring down this government it is hustling in Immigration. I have heard that ministers are procuring visas for people. I’ve said pretty much in every second Cabinet if you are doing so (I have no proof) for God sakes stop it! Stop it! That is what would cause the government to fall.”