Monday, April 21, 2014

Commissioner Allen Whylie

Late breaking reaching NBZLive is that embattled Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie and his wife were involved in an ugly and disgraceful melee on Saturday in Crooked Tree Village. The incident occurred during a racing event in the village.

Sources from within the Belize Police Department who have pretty much had it with Commissioner Whylie told NBZLive that it’s time he submits that letter of resignation or he should be removed!

According to eyewitnesses, a fight broke out among villagers from Lemonal, MayPen and Carmelita, all villages of the Belize Rural North constituency. A brave prison officer intervened to stop the fight but was soon overcome but the melee.

Corporal Donald Gillett then got involved and soon got things under control. An allegedly intoxicated officer, identified to us a PC Ogaldez who is stationed in Crooked Tree took out his service revolver and fired shots in the air. That is when Compol Whylie instructed Corporal Gillett to take away the officer’s weapon.


The allegedly inebriated officer Ogldez then resisted Gillett’s advance and hurled a couple F-bombs and addressed Whylie saying “F all a unu!”. Gillett, successfully recovered the weapon which infuriated the mutinous officer. Ogaldez wasn’t quite done yet and we’re told, he hurled a few more choice words at the Compol. Well – unlike other events when Whylie was slow to act, this time he snatched Ogaldez and reportedly body slammed him and once again ordered Cpl. Gillett to this time, arrest him. Gillett complied and took Ogaldez into custody.

How the Commissioner’s wife got entangled is still unclear however sources say that her brother was the one being beaten up in the initial melee.

We’ll keep monitoring this one to see how it pans out. One thing is for sure…Whylie won’t be investigating this one. Neither will CEO George Lovell who supposedly is trying to retain his post as CEO. Neither will the Minister of Police, John Saldivar who’s relative is married to the George Lovell. Whylie also saved John’s rear end, when he refused to investigate the Penner passport scandal which also implicated Saldivar…..It’s a tangled web.