Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Disgraced former Belizean Immigration Minister, Elvin Penner.

Kim Won Hong

Former Immigration minister Elvin Penner is reportedly facing a different heat other than the contempt of Belizeans who have been outraged by his egregious act of issuing Belizean citizenship and passport to South Korean, Won Hong Kim who was jailed in Taiwan. NBZLIVE has credible information that Penner might be facing consequences for unfinished business due to his sudden dismissal from office last September.

A source has confirmed to NBZLive that Penner was recently visited by persons of Asian descent who offered him BZD $1Million in order to get him to resign the UDP and leave the country.

Penner, we were told refused the offer for fear of his life. There have been rumors that Penner has been receiving threats since the scandal broke on September 19, 2013 – the day he was kicked out of cabinet by Prime Minister Barrow. Those rumors have so far proven baseless since Penner has been able to freely exit and re-enter the country since the scandal broke. Even after he was criminally charged a few weeks ago, he was not ordered to surrender his travel documents.

Aside from the legal and political pressure he faces, seems the embattled former Minister of State has to contend with elements of alleged ill repute from foreign lands who seem to have an axe to grind. We will continue to follow this angle and bring you the latest as we get it.

Penner returns to court in Belmopan on May 29, 2014 to answer to two charges. One under the Passport Act, for “vouching the fitness” of Won Hong Kim. That charge was filed by President of Citizens Organized for Peace Through Liberty (COLA), Geovanni Brackett and Executive Member Nedal McLaren. The other charge, filed by COLA under the Nationality Act, was for “making a statement which he KNEW to be false” for signing the Nationality Certificate KNOWING that Won Hong Kim has never been a citizen of Belize.

Penner sought to extricate himself in an email to Channel 7’s Jules Vasquez on September 27 last year, saying that it was a case of mistaken identity.
In the email, Penner says that there’s been a major mix up.


We all know now that Penner lied!

As for the UDP, they are busy trying to put out blazing fires everywhere in an effort to stay in office.