Monday, April 28, 2014

Erwin Contreras

Several serious reports have surfaced alleging that Erwin Contreras, Minister of Trade, Investment, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection and Representative for the Cayo West constituency has been involved a number in illicit activities. Research shows that Contreras has amassed considerable wealth since becoming a minister of government in 2008.

Contreras’ estate now includes a radio station and large tracts of land in the Cayo area and reportedly several heads of cattle.

Recently his involvement with a Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson, purportedly a philanthropist and a major businessman has been cause for major scrutiny. Turns out Benjamin is a major whackadoo who has conjured all he says he is in his head. Best information shows that Gibson purchased his title as “Lord”.

Contreras posing with his “Lord” Neil B. Gibson in December, 2013

Contreras has been wielding much power in his area and it seems there are no tentacles long or strong enough to reel him in. Another report late last week which wasn’t divulged by police but obtained by NBZLIVE reveals yet another instance of Contreras’ indiscretion.

On Thursday last, police arrested Leonel Avarado, an employee of Maranco Oil Company and a resident Of Benque Viejo after he fired several shots from his 9mm out of his vehicle on the Benque Road in the Clarissa Falls area. Avarado was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. He was detained and his weapon confiscated. Several rounds of ammunition which were found in his vehicle were also confiscated.

Unlike many who have found themselves on the wrong side of the Belize’s draconian gun laws, Avarado was able to waltz free from police detention by Friday morning after an executive order by Erwin Contreras and others in the top brass of the Belize Police Department was issued.

This is not the first time that Contreras has interfered in police work to set free persons who have broken the law. In January of this year, Mr. Nayo Hop was arrested by Benque Police after he brutally attacked Canadian businessman, Steven Reichert chopping him several times as he held his infant daughter. The attack, according to witnesses was unprovoked. Reichert was forced to throw his daughter into the bushes to protect her as he ran for his life. Nayo Hop was reportedly released without being charged for Grievous Harm and reliable reports are that Erwin Contreras facilitated his release.

Seems someone declared open season on Canadians in the Cayo area. Recently there have been a series of attacks on Canadians, some brutal and two fatal. The Canadian Authorities has issued warning to their citizens living and doing business in that area. As for the cause of the attacks, no one seems to know. One thing that is known is that Contreras’ interference has been a common factor in these incidents.

Calls for attention and investigations of Contreras’ operations in the Benque Area have been ignored by the Barrow administration.