Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nasley Sommerville

BREAKING: Nasley Sommerville, Administrator at Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga to appear before Public Service Commission tomorrow, Thursday, May 8th, 2014 to answer questions regarding Quarter Million Belize dollars siphoned from the Maternal Child Heallth (NHI) funds from the Southern Regional Hospital.

According to details gleaned from an audit report, Sommerville loaned $15 Thousand Dollars to Dr. Francis Morey, with whom she was having an extra marital affair. Sources say that when Morey repaid the money, Sommerville told him to pay it into her personal account.

Dr. Francis Morey

Investigators have reportedly found accounts belonging to Sommerville at St. John’s Credit Union in Dangriga and another at Scotia Bank. The account at St. John’s was recently closed.

Sommerville has been on suspension and on half salary since this story broke in early October of last year.

CEO in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen speaking with News7 Belize, last October said, “What they found was 3 cheques totaling $7,060 which were drawn from the hospital account which manages funds for NHI deliveries of babies at the hospital. They found 3 cheques totaling $7,060 w which was made out to cash or to the administrator Nasley Sommerville. What is more distressing is that they cannot account for 189 cheques.”

“With 3 cheques totaling $7,060 – 189 cheques of course may amount to very significant sums of money and it appears that somebody was running a separate checking system, so that there were multiple cheque books. This may well amount to very significant sums of money. You had mentioned figures in the hundreds of thousands and I think that may well turn out to be true.”

“The preliminary report and copies of the 3 cheques totaling $7,000 have been forwarded to the Ministry of Public Service and to the Public Service Commission, recommending suspension of Ms. Sommerville from that office.”

“I also contacted the officer commanding the Dangriga division and Superintendent Joseph and I have sent him a copy of the preliminary report with a request for police and to consider intervening immediately.”

“Clearly we have a lot of searching to do because of clearly loopholes we had not been aware of and that have allowed something like this to happen.”

“My main emphasis now is to first of all make sure that we stop it and that it can’t happen anymore and secondly, that we do our best to recover what has been lost.”

No criminal charges have been filed against Sommerville. We’ll keep you posted on tomorrow’s interrogation.