Wednesday, May 14, 2014

UDP Chairman, Alberto August

We didn’t think we’d hear from UDP Chairman Alberto August this soon. After our last publication went viral soon as it was launched into cyberspace, the embattled chairman attempted to do some damage control.

The following is the email sent out by August on Tuesday night after we released, “UDP Chairman Alberto August – Torn Between Two Lovers”.


Was that an Freudian slip? “While temptations abound, please know that I am happily married to a wonderful supportive woman and will compromise this solid relationship for no one or nothing in this world.” Of course Mr. Chairman, “temptations abound” and you had your fair share and indeed – you compromised your so called “solid relationship.” Now you hurt your wife, driver, secretary, editor, etc.

Besides wanting to know who the hell is real Alberto August, we would like to know if the chairman is on some kind of substance?

Seems August he is trying to make Shawn Pacheco out to be a liar. Why would Pacheco go off on his wife if she (the wife) didn’t contact Pacheco? And why would the wife, contact Pacheco if he (the Chairman) didn’t have an affair with her? And – what’s with the UDP men and women with surname, Pacheco? Anyway, that’s another story – but wasn’t Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse rumored to be involved with a young woman, with surname Pacheco?

Some free advise from NBZLive – keep it in your pants Mr. Chairman! The advise might have come too late as we have been reliably informed that the Chairman went creeping across the border in Melchor, Guatemala where allegedly fathered three children with a prostitute from there. Our sources say that two of the children cross the border every morning into Belize to attend school in Benque Viejo Town. Even more disturbing, the Chairman is reported to have denied his three children who are said to be girls.

So not only is Chairman Alberto August an “old ass”, according to his former girlfriend, Shawn Pacheco, he’s a dirty “old ass”! We shall certainly keep you posted on the creepy, crawly demented chairman with many faces in the days to come! Turns out there’s a lot more to him than beating up women, and acting the fool!