Sunday, June 1, 2014

Eduardo Cano, 56

San Ignacio Town Councillor, Eduardo Cano rang in the 2014 Hurricane Season in police lockup after he reportedly went berserk at an event at the
San Ignacio Welcome Center on Saturday.

Cano got canned after he interfered with police while they were dealing with an incident they were called out for. According to witnesses, Cano kept taunting the police so much so that an officer decided to search him.

The search led to the discovery of a 9mm Glock in his pants waist along six rounds of ammunition on his person. Cano has a valid license however his license doesn’t permit him or anyone to carry a weapon while intoxicated….so says the law!

Try telling that to the Councillor! He was taken into custody where he was going to face charges for carrying a weapon while intoxicated but he swift intervention from unscrupulous such as the maniacal party chairman Alberto August and Minister of Agriculture, Rene Montero, Cano walked out of police custody on Sunday morning around 11:00 o’clock without any charges laid.