Monday, June 2, 2014

There is an old saying that goes, “when you throw stones among hogs – the one that bawls is the one that got hit.” Well, we can safely conclude that “Hagass” got hit and he’s bawling out like a slut that got used and didn’t get pay.

Speaking of payment – seems the hustle dried out and the chairman may be stuck with only dreams of a status symbol – his house that he seems unable to finish. Another confirmation that the OLD chairman is a loser. Can’t even finish his dream house at 51 years old! What happen chairman? Why aren’t your party leader and deputy party leader giving you a hand to finish your house?


We thought we heard the last from the dirty old man, Alberto “Hagass” the crazy chairman of the UDP. That is what he said in the “last” installation. So when we received another email forwarded to us from the mad man, we were pretty surprised. This time it seems the old man became completely unhinged.

In another lame attempt at a comeback he targets the children of former Prime Minister Musa – children that Musa loves, has always supported and never denied. That is polar opposite of Prime Minister Dean Barrow who denied his son, Shyne Jamal Barrow, leaving him to a hard life growing up in Brooklyn New York where he was raised by a single mother. The repercussions of the hardship he faced growing up with little or no guidance is playing out for all the world to see – need we say more?

Dean Barrow and the child he neglected while he was growing up.

Barrow still won’t take responsibility for his inaction while Shyne was growing up and has dumped him on the Belizean people to support as our Music Ambassador.

Want to speak of “bastards”? Since you opened up that can of worms – let’s go there. Let us talk about the ones that Boots fathered. If you want pictures and names, please feel free to contact us. One very infant child was involved in an accident over the weekend of the Ruta Maya Race. His mother was driving drunk. Thankfully the child escaped with minor injuries. Boots ran to the police to demand that they do not publicize the accident – but if you want pictures, we’ll be happy to supply.

Then let’s talk about the ones that Patrick Faber fathered. One most recent with a young girl in her twenties who works at a bank. If you want pictures, please feel free to contact us.

Let’s talk about the one that Mark King fathered with a minor who was forced to drop out of high school. Again we invite you to contact us if you want pictures. You may also tell your secretary, driver, wife (heard that’s one person) to hit us up for pictures of her Guatemalan step daughters. She may want to meet them sometime, take them to lunch, let them meet their siblings.

Here’s the dirty old man’s tirade (uncut and unhinged). Read and laugh – like we said – we couldn’t make up these things even if we tried.


“Have you noticed that none in the leadership of your party is singing your praises in the personal attack against Alberto August. Do you know why? Well let me tell you, and this will be my VERY FINAL exchange on this matter:
The singular evidence of impropriety on my part is a tatoo on the chest of a female marshall of the opposition. My presence was neither necessary nor required for the placement of that tattoo. It can, and as you have indicated been removed in like fashion as it was placed in the first instance, without my presence.

NOW, take that in contrast with the evidence of impropropiety on the part of the former MAXIMUM leader of your party, your nemesis, the former opposition prime minister of Belize. The evidence of his impropriety is personified in life form in the person of none other than the serving Chairman of your party, HENRY CHARLES USHER. Said Musa’s presence was both necessary and required for the conception of Henry Charles.
Whenever you want to know of infidelity, ask your party chairman, Henry Charles Usher Musa, to look in the mirror and he will see the evidence of infidelity. Do you want more evidence of your party leader’s infidelity, ask Henry Charles to line up his sibblings and let them all look in the mirror. That my friend is infidelty in its maximum form (now you see what you have started).

The tatoo on Pacheco’s chest has been erased as you said, now I challenge you to erase your party chairman, Henry Charles Usher Musa and his sibbling as the ultimate evident of infidelity at the highest level of your party. Whenever you have erased them, them you can talk about infeditilty.
My understand is that Henry Charles was jumping in joy about the allegation against me. The senior pup colleague to whom he bragged about having something against me came right back and spilled the beans.
Well Henry Charles, hang your head in shame everytime you look in the mirror because you are living proof of Said Musa’s betrayal his wife Joan.
Now, where is the living proof of my infidelity, you speak about children with a prostitue in Melchor, bring the prostitue and the children, the living proof and I will INSTANTLY resign as the Chairman of the Great United Party. In the absence thereof, let the living proof of your party leader betrayal remain chairman of your party as everytime that bastard come forward in any public forum he will forever been seen as an utter disrespect of all Belizean women and mother as he remains living proof of pup corruption and dishonesty at the VERY HIGHEST level. This is the END of my exchange on this particular matter.”

Since the dirty old man wants to speak, we are looking forward to his next installation.