Thursday, June 19, 2014

He dared us to produce proof – we’re only too glad to oblige!


We’ve pretty much gotten over the saga involving UDP Chairman, Alberto August and were hoping we didn’t have to write another word regarding the loser but August would not have that way.

He’s a megalomaniac and we’re learning – also a nymphomaniac. This episode we will just serve in pictures. That’s after we tell you this!

Recently August went to visit Lupe, the mother of his children in Melchor, Guatemala “bastards” he called them. He took Lupe a wad of cash and ordered her to keep her mouth shut and if she doesn’t, he will get someone to shut her up! “I will pay someone to shut you up!” August reportedly told Lupe.

Before we get the poor woman into any trouble we hasten to confess that she didn’t contact us. She is scared for her life as she felt the threat from August was real. We have advised that she makes a report to Guatemalan authorities since they are not confused about right and wrong over on that side.

While this entire saga has been salacious and makes for entertaining fodder. The real story that is playing out has serious implications. August is out of control and we issue warning again that UDP needs to do something about him.

We were treated to a full exposé from Shawn Pacheco, the young woman with whom August had an affair. The affair was discovered by August’s wife Nyani Azueta August who went after Shawn. While we don’t endorse extra marital relationships and fully understand how Mrs. August feels – we also issue advise to her (for free). Take it up with your husband! He is the one who uses and abuses you. He is the one who cheated on you. Deal with him, if you dare!

Nyani August

Here are the exchanges between Nyani August and Shawn Pacheco which started this never ending saga. We say “thanks” again to Shawn for exposing August for the sick animal he is.



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