Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Almost three weeks after police in the north were notified of the disappearance of Mr. Ramon Cervantes Sr., which touched off a frantic search for him – a search that led to the grizzly discovery of his remains in a shallow grave on a farm in the Honey Camp area of Orange Walk district – police in another jurisdiction are confronted with similar scenario.

Chairman of Hattieville Village, Kevin Carcamo left for work on Sunday and has not been heard from or seen since then. Carcamo works with Discoveries Oil Company which has it’s office in the area.

According to Assistant Superintendent (Rural Executive Officer) Chris Noble, teams including, Police, BDF, residents from the area and about 60 employees from Discoveries have been deployed to the Sibun area since 5 o’clock (Belize Time) on Tuesday – day two of the search.


Optimism is still high that Carcamo will be found alive. The search is being conducted on the ground as well as from the air. Another fly over will be conducted today. Discoveries is footing bill for the search.


Retracing Carcamo’s steps since he was dropped off in a work van along with other employees is proving tedious. Police have taken a number of co-workers into custody in an effort to establish certain details. According to his common-law wife, Shawn Banner, Carcamo left home around 5:45 on Sunday morning for work.

It is believed that Carcamo’s cell phone might have lost power and he might have wondered too far to contact anyone for help. Carcamo’s wife says that information from anyone has been hard to come by.

Where exactly Carcamo was dropped off? Who alighted the van along with him? What exactly was their task on Sunday? What tools (if any) were used? What is Carcamo’s designation on the job and if he had any problems with anyone on the job are all questions to which police are trying to get answers to.

Wednesday, July 23rd will be three weeks since Mr. Ramon Cervantes Sr was first reported missing in Orange Walk district. The disappearance of Hattieville’s Chairman, Kevin Carcamo bears some eerie reminders in that he is not known to have any enemies and was working in a remote area and of course is prominent in his community.