Sunday, August 24, 2014


Denvo Banner, 27

Due to advanced state of decomposition, family of Denvo Banner were forced to lay him to rest late last night in his home village of Lemonal.

Banner a Cricket player, went missing on August ninth after he left a victory party in Lemonal village. He reportedly was heading to see his sister in Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District but never arrived there.

Family became leery and suspicious of what may had befallen him and filed a report with police. On Saturday, Banner’s siblings set out on a search which took them from Bermudian Landing Village to Lemonal Village where their worst fears and suspicions were confirmed when they discovered his remains in a shallow grave near a newly constructed school building in Lemonal Village.

The area where Banner had been buried appeared disturbed, a source says which drew the siblings’ attention.

Rumors are swirling in the village that Banner’s demise is tied to the disappearance of Hattieville Chairman, Kevin Carcamo who disappeared five Sundays ago on July 20th in the Freetown Sibun area after a day’s work in the jungle with oil exploration company, Discover-seis. Kevin Carcamo is the brother in law of police commissioner Allen Whylie.

There is no clear connection between the two cases beyond certain familial relations. Commissioner Whylie is married to Sharon Banner-Whylie who is sister of Shawn Banner, Kevin Carcamo’s common’s common law wife. Denvo Banner, reportedly is their cousin.

Another theory is that Banner was killed, shot in the head and mouth, a source says, as a retaliatory hit. Denvo Banner walked free of a murder case in November 2008. He was arrested and charged in February of 2007 for the murder of 27 year old Demsley Arnold a lab technician at Integral Health Service located at the corner Currasow and Gibnut Streets in Belize City.


Demsley Arnold was shot multiple times in the chest, shortly after leaving work around 3:00pm on February 16, 2007. The shooting occurred at the corner of Magazine Road and Vernon Street. One of the shooters was described as a male wearing a red hoodie. Police set chase after the alleged red hooded shooter who they caught up with and identified him as Denvo Banner of a Cedar Street address in Belize City.


Denvo Banner at 20 years old when he was arrested and charged for Murder in 2007.

After spending one year and a half on remand, Denvo Banner walked free after the case was declared nolle prosequi. The matter reportedly was not entirely finished as the charges could have been re-instituted if new evidence were brought.

We have not been able to establish whether the case had been reinstituted.

Denvo Banner, 27 was laid to rest in Lemonal next to his mother who had passed more than 20 years ago.