Thursday, August 28, 2014


Frankly we are sick and tired of the monkeying of UDP chairman, Alberto August and wish we never have to cover his shenanigans again – but the incorrigible Chairman persists in his reckless behavior.

This one almost got pass us but things being what they are especially what’s done in the dark – will and do come to light.

Reliable information reaching us is that UDP Chairman, Alberto August who is also Chairman of Belize Water Services Board (BWSL) was driving drunk on the night of Saturday August 23, 2014 when he crashed into a parked black Chevy truck, the property of Marconi Matus, in Bullet Tree Village, Cayo district.

August was driving a black Ford Expedition issued by BWSL. The Expedition, we are told was extensively damaged from the impact however August was unharmed. The Chevy Truck sustained extensive damage as well.

NBZLIVE was told that the owner, Marconi Matus was reportedly enraged by the severe damage to his truck but resisted slapping August silly – he instead, promptly hand August the keys for the Chevy.

Only one week prior, newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura was involved in a fatal traffic accident while driving drunk which resulted in the death of Succotz mother if five, Yolanda Valencia. She reportedly died at the scene.

August, not wanting any of what Segura got from Succotz residents and trying to avoid scandal had no choice but to purchase the damaged Chevy from Marconi Matus. We’ve been reliably informed that August settled for an undisclosed amount and has been issued a white Isuzu pickup truck.

No charges have been filed as has become standard practice with the UDP.

Police were forced to lay charges on Deputy Commissioner Segura after Succotz residents took their outrage to the streets and burnt tires and clashed with police and fire fighters.

August is known to frequent the police station to free UDPs who get into trouble.