Monday, September 8, 2014


Patrick Faber, Minister of Education, Belize

A leaked report obtained by NBZLive shows that Belize’s Minister of Education, Patrick Faber has once again spun out of control after a night of partying and drinking. Faber a habitual binge drinker, it seems is once again at the center of public scandal after a party at his house over the weekend for a young employee with whom it appears there was more than a employer – employee relationship, got completely out of control.

We don’t know who paid for the party but that would be an easy guess given the venue for it. That small detail pales in comparison to what allegedly transpired at that party.


The following report made by Twenty-five year old Nickeisha Polanco gives vivid details of what happened at Faber’s residence in Lord’s Bank Village after a night of carousing to celebrate her birthday which was on Thursday, September 4th.

REPORT #2: (Common Assault):
On Saturday September 6th 2014 around 5:00am, Nickesha Polanco age 25, DOB 4/09/89, (4th September 1989) Belizean, employed at Ministry of education as a License Officer, residing at #8243 Complex Street, Belize City – Visited the Ladyville Police Station and reported that on Saturday September 6th 2014 between the hours of 2:30am and 3:00am she was having her birthday party at Patrick Faber’s resident at #244 Lord’s Bank Village.


She has known Patrick Faber for the past 9years. Whilst utilizing her cell phone, Patrick Faber approached her requesting her cell phone. When she refused, that was when Patrick Faber assaulted her by choking her on the bed.

Nickesha shouted for her friend when Dawna Herbert who came into the room and spoke to Patrick. Patrick grabbed Nickesha by her hair, Pulled her off the bed onto the ground and pulled her to the corridor. He then punched her twice to the right side of the face causing her to feel pain.

In the process she also sustained abrasions on the right knee and the right hand. During the time of the altercation Dominique was also punched to the face. Present during the incident were Shinnell Morrison and Dawna Herbert.

Statement was recorded from Ms. Nickesha Polanco, Medico form was issued yet to be certified. P/W Patrick Faber of #244 Lord’s Bank Village, Belize.

A lot to be gathered from this report starting with the fact that she has been familiar with Faber since she was sixteen years old. Faber is eleven years Polanco’s senior and also her boss at the Ministry of Education. According to public records, Faber’s birthday is March 21, 1978.

His birthday earlier this year was also marked with similar events where after celebrating with friends at a party, Faber visited his mother-in-law’s home where his estranged wife now resides after walking out their home and marriage sometime last year. Faber reportedly got into some sort of altercation with his wife which ended with Faber hurling a cement block at his wife’s vehicle which was parked in the driveway.

Patrick Faber block

Faber’s wife’s vehicle that was damaged in March of this year.

Like this recent event, we don’t expect that Faber will face any consequence for his misbehavior which is unbecoming for anyone, let alone the nation’s Minister of Education!

We then have to examine the relationship between Faber and the young license officer, Ms. Polanco…not that we know what she license’s or has license to do…well the latter we may know given the pictures she shared on her Facebook page. We know she has license to sit on her sugar bosses, dining table and he’s quite fine with that.

But on Saturday morning she had no license to be on her cell phone between 2:30 and 3:00am. Like a boss and her senior, Faber demanded the cell phone and like a true tyke, she refused and that spelled trouble with a capital “T” for Polanco.

We originally decided to spare Ms. Polanco obvious criticisms for her unethical and uncouth behavior and relationship with Minister Faber but she forfeited our courtesy when she decided to attack persons on Facebook for publishing the leaked report.

Ms. Polanco is not a minor and may we remind her that both she and her employer are being paid by taxpayers. Secondly, Faber is still a married man although we’re not sure who he is married to since another woman in Los Angeles has claimed on Facebook to be married to him, Faber. If that bit is true, Faber (Polanco’s boyfriend) is a bigamist! We have the picture to prove it.

Before we finish brow beating Ms. Polanco we’ll also say that this type of practice is common place for time immemorial in the much vaunted public service in Belize. In fact the pictures we’ve obtained – Polanco’s personal relationship with Faber has the full blessings of some staffers of Ministry of Education. Some were even present at the carousing at Faber’s home which started on Friday night and ran into the wee hours Saturday morning.

It speaks to the sorry level that the public service has long sunken to. Unfortunately, no one is interested in reforming the once proud public service. During the heydays of the public service during Belize’s colonial pass and during the days of the leadership of Rt. Honorable George Price – the public service was the hallmark of ethics in the job environment. The image of the once vaunted public service has long tarnished and begs for reform.


Ms. Polanco has denied that the incident occurred. That is tantamount to saying that the police are hallucinating and therefore lied and that the pictures which she and her friends posted on her Facebook page do not tell Thousands of words! It begs the question – how many shots of what did she take party?

We expect reaction from Ms. Polanco following this release. Don’t know what her spin will be hereafter but may we advise that instead of fighting with the messengers….she should instead prepare for battle with Patrick Faber who does not welcome being scandalized especially by silly little girls.

Next time (and we hope that there won’t be a repeat of this unfortunate situation) if you don’t want the scandal and vilification that will come from this, do not run to the police. They are sick and tired of having to file waste of time reports that the virtual complainants will not follow up on.