Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Earlier today an interested party, said to be Americans visited the property that currently houses the Immigration and Nationality Offices in Belmopan to do due diligence before closing on an offer on the property.

Said to be valued at USD $1 million, the deal reportedly is close to closing.

Reports are that the property owner, Kirk Usher’s cushy arrangement with the Government of Belize where he was receiving BZD $10 Thousand monthly in rent has either soured or the contract is about up. Usher, we are told once worked for Batty Bus Service Limited.

Immigration is expected to move back to it’s former location on Bliss Parade in Belmopan. That building is supposedly under repairs although sources say that there is no visible sign of work going on there.

The former building was condemned by the Barrow administration shortly after taking office prompting the move. Similar reasons is forcing the move back, a source says.

The staff were promised that they will be housed in a better environment after it was noticed the dilapidated state of their work environment: mold growing on the walls, malfunctioning bathrooms and tiles lifting off the floor.