Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A leaked document has confirmed that another Vega is embroiled in trouble of his own.

We’re not sure how much of a victim Eduardo Vega is but he’s claiming that he’s the victim. That’s after he entered an agreement to sell a parcel of land to a Chinese businessman, Tammy Tang.

According to a document obtained by NBZLIVE, Eduardo Vega entered an agreement with Tammy Tang, owner of Three Flags Supermarket on December 1, 2013. The agreement was for the sale of a parcel of land, the property of Vega, located on the George Price Highway at the entrance of La Loma Luz Hospital.


According to Vega, Tang agreed to pay $350 Thousand for the parcel of land in increments.

“By the end of March, I had received $275 Thousand which was part of the agreement,” Vega complained. “The balance of $75 Thousand was guaranteed with post dated checks.”

On April 17th Vega went to Heritage Bank to cash post dated check #007427 made out to Eduardo Vega in the amount of $25 Thousdand. It was there that he learnt that the account had been closed. “I immediately went to look for Tammy Tang where I was informed that Tammy had already left the country,” Vega said.

September 17, Vega made another visit to Heritage Bank to cash another check where he was reminded that the account had been closed therefore no funds were available.

Vega was given five post dated checks: Check 2 (#07422) dated May 17, 2014 for $10 Thousand; Check 3 (#007426) dated June 17, 2014 for $10 Thousand; Check 4 (#007425) dated July 17, 2014 for $10 Thousand; Check 5 (#007424) dated August 17, 2014 for $10 Thousand and Check 6 (# 007423) (no date given) was also for $10 Thousand.

The checks, Vega said were to cover balance of $75 Thousand. He is now pursuing court action. With Tammy Tang gone and his business moved we’re not sure who Vega is going to sue. Tang apparently rented the property prior to entering agreement to purchase. It was from there that he operated Three Flags.

We did some “checking” of our own and not sure but the parcel in question, might have been one gifted to Eduardo Vega by his brother, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, Margarito Gaspar Vega.


In August of 2010 the Vegas land grabbings were exposed to the Belizean people. When confronted by the media about the huge plots given to his brothers, daughter, sister in law, Vega infamously defended his indiscretion saying that the Vegas “are not normal Belizeans.”

The Belize Times ran these documents when the story broke.



“My family doesn’t sit down and gossip around the corners. We work ever since. That’s why we are successful – we work hard you know. I am not a normal person in Belize. I work much harder than a lot of other people. My family is as hard working as me,” said Vega.

That sounds like swipe at someone or residents of a certain municipality. It may explain why Vega is being left to swim alone in his own stew with his recent troubles regarding the kidnapping and murder of former Senator and Orange Walk Mayor and father his PUP opponent in Orange Walk North, Ramon Cervantes Sr. Vega is being accused by alleged mastermind of sanctioning the abduction and execution.

Now why did Tammy Tang stiff Vega for $75 Grand? Well our sources tell us that Vega promised to sweeten the deal with a gas station license for Tang. When that didn’t happen – Tang pulled his money and hauled *ss! But Vega should feel victorious because he got $250 Grand. Things must be tough for the “not normal” bunch that Eduardo has to be chasing down $75 Grand.

This saga as well as that of the Deputy Prime Minister’s continues. We will keep you posted.