Tuesday, November 18, 2014

UDP Chairman and his wife in happier times.

Police were called out to the home of UDP Chairman, Alberto August in Santa Elena next door to Social Security office to quell a domestic dispute between August and his wife, Nyani Azueta-August this evening.

NBZLive has been reliably informed that police visited the home around 8:00 PM but August took off before they arrived.

She had allegedly been kicked in the stomach and sustained injury to one of her arms. No word on what precipitated the argument and physical attack on Mrs. August neither do we know if this happened in front of their young children.

August we know is a habitual abuser and womanizer. Earlier this year we covered several episodes of public drama involving August, his wife and another woman with whom he had an affair.

August got on UDP owned Wave radio and denied the affair and professed his love for his wife. We know that he was only fibbing. Soon after, text messages of his exchanges with the woman were published on social media which then went viral.

Mrs August we are told was advised not to make a report and didn’t answer the door when police arrived. August is alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol when he attacked his wife.


He was earlier in Belmopan and was featured in the news commenting on UDP supporter turnout at a rally to support UDP spending of Petro Caribe funds.

“The prime minister, I believe, is going to give a proper accounting as to the spending of the Petrocaribe money and the people of Belize can see it in terms of the development that is happening across this nation. That is why you see them out here on a Tuesday. You’re right, on a Tuesday they are out here in such large numbers and we still have more people coming in, you know, we still have more people coming in,” August told Channel 5 today.

Seems the chairman took his frustration over the smaller than anticipated turnout on his wife. August told the media that ten thousand people would show up in Belmopan – they got less than half that number according to official estimates.

We empathize with Mrs. August who works hard to support her husband, Mr. August. She is reportedly the editor of August’s newspaper, Star Newspaper and doubles as his driver and also puts in work as secretary to the Chairman.