Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NBZLive has been reliably informed that Mrs. Nyani Azueta-August, wife of United Democratic Party’s Chairman Alberto August has packed up and left their home in Santa Elena Cayo.


It is still not known what triggered the last episode yesterday during which August reportedly assaulted his wife, allegedly kicking her in the stomach and causing injury to one of her arms.

August is a habitual woman abuser and this time Mrs. August seems to have had enough. Sources tell us that she packed up a number of boxes earlier today while police in civilian clothing stood guard and left, taking their two young children along. August, we are told didn’t want uniformed police at his residence (seems the guy has the capacity to feel ashamed). That’s a first!

It appears that the chairman spent much of last night out of his home. Early this morning the black SUV assigned to him was spotted outside Joe’s Bar.


We shall see if the chairman can woo his lady love and his children back into their abode. August needs his wife – after all she is more than just a wife. She’s his driver, newspaper editor and secretary.

Chairman August professed his undying love for his wife who he claimed was the only woman in his life when was embroiled in scandal because of his philandering ways. Funny how things have changed in just a few short weeks.

We wish Mrs. August well and hope she doesn’t return to her abusive husband. We don’t expect that the UDP will do anything or even say anything to August about this.