The Salacious Tale of Superintendent of Police Ralph Moody and his Clerk of Court Mistress
Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And eighteen year marriage is crumbling and credible sources say that Superintendent of Police, Ralph Moody is to blame.


Around 8 o’clock on the night of Thursday, June 19th, taxi driver, Ernesto Chan was viciously attacked by two police officers identified as Octaviano Victorin and Rudolph Rodriguez of the San Ignacio formation.

The attack occurred in the Santiago Juan Layout in San Ignacio township. Mr. Chan had just arrived home and parked his car when he received a call from a customer asking for a pick up. Just as he was about to leave to get the customer, a red Suzuki Sidekick pulled up in front of his house from which Chan’s wife, Violet Aké Chan emerged.

Chan got into his car and went out to pick up the customer. While driving he noticed that he was being followed. Chan pulled to the side in front of a residence to give the vehicle way to pass.

The vehicle, same red Suzuki Sidekick that just dropped his wife home pulled up next to him and out of it emerged officer Octaviano Victorin who allegedly declared, “long time I wanted to f ^&k you up!” With that Victorin allegedly proceeded to punch and beat Mr. Chan. Officer Rudolph Rodriguez who was with Victorin soon joined in the beating. Both officers allegedly under the influence of alcohol proceeded to beat Chan into a drain.

Chan managed to escape his attackers and called for help. He went to report the matter to the police right after the attack on that night.

Things started to deteriorate in the Chans’ marriage after Mrs. Chan allegedly started an affair with Superintendent Rudolph Moody who headed San Ignacio formation.

NBZLIVE has been reliably informed (and we regret not having pictures to prove – you know how we do) that the Superintendent has been sleeping at Chans’ residence. In fact our source tells us that Moody slept at the residence last night.

He frequented the home in his white GMC but recently walks over to the house or uses other means of transportation.

Mrs. Chan is clerk of court in San Ignacio. Soon after the incident on June 19th, she reportedly visited the Family Court in Belize City where she obtained order to expel Mr. Chan from the residence. He is forbidden from going near the property which he has reportedly owned prior to marrying Violet Aké.

To date Mr. Chan has gotten no justice for the attack believed to have been motivated by the affair between his wife and Superintendent Ralph. Moody. Charges were only brought after Chan went to the media a second time. Officer Octaviano Victorin has been charged for wounding at a court appearance earlier this month. Rudolph Rodriguez was unavailable therefore it is unknown whether he has been charged. The matter has been adjourned to January 8, 2015.

Both officers continue to work in uniform in San Ignacio, – an indication that there have been no disciplinary measures taken by the Belize Police Department even though Mr. Chan filed a complaint.

As for Superintendent Moody – he has been transferred to the Dangriga precinct where we are reliably informed that he is not wanted in town by certain political powers in that municipality and he may soon be transferred elsewhere.

Moody allegedly attempted to shut down the popular gathering spot (Wadani) in Dangriga, much to the disapproval of Frank Papa Mena, the UDP Standard Bearer for Dangriga and Boots Martinez, Minister of Social Services and Area Representative for Port Loyola, Belize. Boots who frequents Dangriga reportedly sponsors domino tournaments at Wadani.

Moody was recently transferred to Dangriga. Our sources have informed on more than one occasion that he has made trips since to he with Mrs. Chan in San Ignancio.