Ivan Ramos

 Anthony Sabal  

Sun. June 7, 2015
Rumors have been swirling for weeks regarding the impending resignation of Dangriga’s area representative, Ivan Ramos from the National Assembly.  It seems that resignation may come to pass on Monday, June 8, 2015 when he is expected to officially notify the clerk of the House of Representaive, Eddie Webster.

Ramos’ properties have been in the papers recently and to save his home, he apparently bartered with the enemy. Credible sources say that Ramos met with Prime Minister Barrow and procured assistance to save his home from foreclosure. He (Ramos) also went against concensus in the PUP and accepted his division’s tranche of the controversial Petrocaribe funds for Mother’s Day cheer. The proceeds he will reportedly use for a joint program to honor mothers and fathers in his division on June 7th. The kicker is that the newly installed PUP standard bearer for Dangriga, Anthony Sabal is reportedly being endorsed on same date.

Ramos resigned as standard bearer almost three weeks prior under a cloud of skepticism about his motives. But let’s examine those motive for a bit since some in the PUP are known to kick a man when he’s down. Ramos faced dire circumstances and could not get assistance from his party which has been experiencing its own financial hard times therefore he turned to Barrow. Selfish – perhaps since Ramos sought after his own interest and in doing so – sold out. But what else could he have done given his circumstance? Albeit, the PUP has no obligation to pay anyone’s bills. Ramos did say that his difficulties are his own.

This saga may bear more cultural significance than it does political. Ramos is a decendant of Thomas Vincent Ramos, founder of Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations which is observed on November 19th every year. Dangriga is also known as the Culture Capital of Belize. The UDP which Prime Minister Barrow leads is Anglophile and historically has discriminated against and shunned Garinagu people in Belize. The UDP has held on to everything colonial since Independence and where those vestiges have disappeared or paled they have recreated  – so Ramos’ decision has insulted Garinagu people who support the PUP. In essence Ramos has betrayed his culture, ancestry and the oath he took and opted look after his own interest.

By the end of Monday, June 8th we shall know whether the rumors are true. All indications are – they are. Ramos was rather candid in his comments when he porprotedly resigned three weeks ago. He warned his party of “idle talking” which he said he doesn’t engage in or has the time for. Ivan Ramos is not the greatest conversationalist – therefore most of his constituent’s business must have been i”dle talk”.

If we are to judge who is the winner here – we say the PUP has won this round. Yes – the betrayal is a tough pill to swallow but it’s for the better therefore we say, “good riddance!”