Monday, August 31, 2015Ryan Wagner & Dion Guzman

Details are still sketchy regarding the detention of officers Ryan Wagner and Dion Guzman in connection with a homicide investigation. We have been able to confirm that Ryan Wagner is the driver for Prime Minister Barrow’s wife, Kim Simpliss-Barrow.

The victim, who has now been identified as Eduardo Manuel Perez Sanchez was shot twice in the head sometime in the wee hours of Saturday, August 29, 2015. His body was discovered (by police) around 6 o’clock on Saturday morning.

Police filed the following report on Monday:

“On 29.08.15 about 6:00 a.m., Belmopan Police visited a feeder road located about 2 miles in from the junction of George Price Highway and Young Gial Road, Teakettle Village, Cayo District, Where they saw a Hispanic male person dressed in a long blue Jeans pants, blue T- Shirt and a brown Timberland boots with his head and face covered with a black T- Shirt lying on the road apparently dead. He was later identified as Eduardo Manuel Perez Sanchez, Nicaraguan national and laborer of Santander. The body had two apparent gunshot wounds to the head. He was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Initial investigation revealed that on 29.08.15 about 5:52 a.m., a male person was driving through Young Gial Road when he saw Sanchez lying down on the side of the road apparently dead and called for the Police. Police investigations continue.”

According to our source, officer’s Wagner and Guzman came upon the victim at an establishment in the area. He (Eduardo Sanchez) was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and behaving unruly therefore Wagner intervened to de-escalate things however there is no report that anyone called for police assistance regarding any disturbance at the establishment.

The deceased along with two civilians (their identities unknown) were taken to a location in the “Young Gial” area where Wagner allegedly had a verbal exchange with him. Wagner for whatever reason, allegedly walked away from the vehicle and returned to collect the alleged murder weapon – reportedly, a police issued weapon which he left inside the vehicle. That is when according to the witnesses, he allegedly shot Eduardo Sanchez in the head.

Wagner, we are told went missing for hours thereafter and resurfaced hours later at the Police training academy in Belmopan where he handed over the alleged weapon to Officer Gamboa to whom he (Wagner) allegedly confessed that he had just “executed” a man in connection with the Russel Hyde and Marcy Humes homicides. Wagner was detained at the academy while the civilians and Officer Dion Guzman were held in Belmopan.

Sources within the Belize Police Department say that there have already been breaches in protocols which will compromise the investigation going forward.

Police earlier were asking the public’s assistance to identify the dead man which we think is a smoke screen. Today’s report identifies the victim but doesn’t mention the two officers and the civilians detained.

It is not known if investigation so far has established whether Wagner is connected to Hyde/s or if the victim in the second homicide indeed had anything to do with the homicides. Police’s tight lid on this one though raises a lot of suspicion beyond them just trying to protect their own.

The only connection we have confirmed is that of Mrs. Barrow to Wagner who is her driver and that Simpliss-Barrow and Wagner are from the Cayo-South area. We do know that drivers for officials are not randomly selected therefore it is no stroke of luck on Wagner’s part that he was selected to chauffer Mrs. Barrow. We emphasize that Mrs. Barrow has nothing to do with the incident.

This latest incident has rocked the upper echelons of the Belize Police Department and causing some tremors in political circles. The Hydes are a well-known affluent family in the Cayo-South area who have been experiencing a spate of killings spanning over a decade which has claimed the lives of multiple family members.

There have been collaterals for those murders. Sources speculate that there may be internal family feud over properties (land and money). We do not think that Russel Hyde’s and his girlfriend’s demise had anything to do with family largesse. Credible sources opine that it is drug related.

Hyde, it is believed was the target of an attempt on his life in May of this year when his common-law wife and mother of his three children, Rosella Galvez was fatally shot in the head while they drove home on a Sunday afternoon with their children. Days after, two persons connected to Hyde were murdered on Hyde’s farm – one a relative and the other a farm helper. That too was attributed to attempts to get Russel Hyde.

Hyde’s sister, Dorla Hyde-Pitts, her pregnant daughter, Starlette Pitts and her boyfriend, Myke Kelly and their unborn child were gruesomely murdered in Lehigh Acres, Florida, USA on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Brian Hyde (nephew of Russel and Dorla Pitts-Hyde) is in custody in the United States for the killings. Again – it is unknown if the killings are connected.

Brian Hyde arrived in the United States in December of 2014 and was seeking asylum.

We will keep you abreast of developments as they become available.