Sunday, November 1, 2015

The pressures of a sprint campaign must have taken a toll on Senator Juliet Thimbriel and her good-good girlfriend Beverly Castillo and things apparently reached boiling point. 

Our details are sketchy but we’ll pass this on just as we got it. A source close to Thimbriel and her good-good girlfriend told NBZLive that the two got into a heated argument on Friday night. Things escalated to violence when Thimbriel allegeldy sucker punched Castillo right in the kisser relieving her of a tooth! Now why would the senator do such a thing to her good-good girlfriend? 

We don’t know – however we’ve been told that the senator has a history of assaulting her good-good girlfriends. Apparently “Audrey” could have advised Castillo had she sought the counseling. 

The incident was confirmed on the rostrum at the PUP pre-election rally by Castillo’s PUP opponent, Dolores Balderamos-Garcia. Garcia asked the crowd if they knew a dentist because her opponent needs one. That sent the crowd into thunderous laughter. Hardly the type of thing we want to make light of – and we can imagine the embarrassment this must be causing Castillo – but it seems it’s a thing in the UDP. Senator Thimbriel like chairman, Alberto August; Education Minister, Patrick Faber; Human Development minister, Boots Martinez and Housing minister, Finnegan have all been known to abuse their spouses and partners. 

Castillo’s bid for high office has been rife with controversy and scandal. She started out her campaign in scandal over a plot of land that she snapped up while she was CEO in the Ministry of Natural Resources. Scandal broke when the original owner challenged the acquisition in court. That case is yet to be settled. 

Castillo’s name became the pun after Prime Minister Barrow, during a meeting with Belizeans in October of 2013 in Los Angeles described the Ministry of Natural Resources under Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega and Beverly Castillo as CEO as “a hotbed of corruption”. The PUP have coined their version of that phrase and call Beverly Castillo, “the hot Bev of corruption.” 

With only three more days till elections, we’re sure there’ll be a more fireworks and we’ll be sure to bring you the full stew.