Monday, November 9, 2015 

 Newly appointed senator, Francine Zenaida Burns first made the news in Ocotber of 2011 when she was called to the England Bar Association after she successfully read for law. 

According to the UDP’s Guardian Newspaper, Ms. Burns returned home to Orange Walk Town where she spearheaded community programs for young people. She later joined the UDP’s slate in the 2012 Municipal elections in her native Orange Walk Town. 

But beneath the senator’s/community activists’ demure exterior – is a wild child and all we can say here at NBZLive is that Mr. Barrow sure knows how to pick them! We got hold of a screenshot taken from a video of Senator Francine Burns, T and A out performing in video!

We didn’t get first dibs at the video therefore it’s floating out there in cyberspace. Of course we don’t expect the PM will change his mind about his wild child senator because he’s been known to defend every elicit or supercilious act by his wild bunch. 

Grab your popcorn and drinks folks…..this show is just getting started! Work Senator! YES!!!!