Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We have positively identified the shooter in John Saldivar’s celebration on election night one week ago. The story behind this one and why John Saldivar’s reaction is even more intriguing but we won’t get into that just now. 

The shooter is Karim Maroun owner of BOAZ, a golf car rental and sales company on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. 


True to tradition, Prime Minister Barrow in his eminent stupdity explained away and defended Maroun’s reckless behavior and Saldivar’s blatant disregard for the law when he stopped police from doing their job. Out of that same mouth, Barrow said that what Maroun did was “wrong” and “illegal” but explained it away anyway. 

Wonder what would’ve been the reaction if someone was injured or worse, killed?

“………. It is clear from what I saw that he did speak to the police,” Barrow said on Channel 7 on Monday night.

Yes….. he did – even pointed in their faces!

“But to go from there to an assertion that he directed them not to arrest the gentleman is bit of a stretch.” Really Mr. Prime Minister? What does “back off! Back off now” mean to you?

“I was satisfied with the explanation that he gave me that this was while clearly something that was WRONG and in fact ILLEGAL for this person to fire a shot or shots in the air in celebration. That if he had not intervene…..because he did……..I just do not concede that he directed the police……If he had not as I think he conceded ask the police “look man, if you are going to arrest the man, can you do it tomorrow, you will provoke an incident out here.” Brain-fart and diarrhea heard around the world. 

“I am satisfied that that was fine,” Barrow concluded. “In all the circumstances, the incidents is regrettable, but not anything that would have caused me to think twice about re-appointing John Saldivar to that ministry.”

Channel 7 narrated the video:

First of all: in this day and age where technology is so pervasive and police in Belize do video crowds – Karim Maroun should not escape the law especially same Barrow’s draconian gun law. It is quite explicit about what Maroun did which police witnessed.

Section 40 of Chapter 143, Laws of Belize, Firearms Act.


Since Barrow himself acknowledged that Maroun’s action was “wrong” and “illegal” the rest should be history. Police say that they have the weapon and are interested in getting their suspect but they’ll have to go through John Saldivar and perhaps the PM for that. 

Maroun, 35 is Lebanese and the owner of BOAZ Golf Cart rental on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. He’s very close to Saldivar and has made donations to the Belize Police Department. We’ll get into all that at another time. 

If Belizeans did enjoy national security and it was “a government for all” where no one is immune to the law, John Saldivar would be disciplined for hindering police work and Karim Maroun would suffer the consequences of breaking the law and endangering others.