Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mark Brooks

Several questions have developed and a mystery has evolved regarding the circumstances that led to the death of a Belize City man at his residence on Neal Penn Road. The body was discovered sometime on Sunday, January 2, 2016.

Mark Brooks is dead – that much we can confirm even though police have yet to issue an official report. According our information, he may have died on December 27th, 2015. It is unclear whether his demise resulted from suicide or if he was indeed murdered as is widely speculated.

Brooks’ estranged girlfriend allegedly paid him a visit last week at his job and threatened his life reportedly saying that she would have her son kill him. The two have been in a volatile relationship for some time, sources say. Coworkers at Fort Point Security have corroborated the report that the girlfriend did pay him a visit at his job last week and that allegedly, a threat was made.

Brooks reportedly quit his job immediately after. Word circulated on Monday that he had been shot to death. Police on Wednesday, however, are saying that there were no signs of gunshot wounds on his body, rather, there were marks around his neck that suggest – suicide.

Neighbors are reportedly saying that Brooks had twice before attempted suicide by hanging himself. The first time the rope broke and the second time neighbors rescued him by cutting him down.

While the evidence strongly suggests that his death was the result of suicide, police investigation is yet to confirm that and answer other pertinent questions regarding the alleged visit and alleged threat by the estranged girlfriend and whether that had anything to do with the apparent suicide. Police have not yet said if there were any signs of struggle at the scene that may suggest that Brooks’ injury and demise may not have been self-inflicted.

Brooks was present when his brother Aaron, was shot dead at his (Mark Brooks’ Neal Penn Road address) in April, 2009. Aaron Brooks was shot after he shot Everal Grey three times while in a scuffle. Neil the older brother of Everal Grey, allegedly made several threats on Aaron Brooks’ life prior to executing him. Neil Brooks served time on remand in prbefore walking free after the case against him fell apart due to witnesses’ failure to provide evidence.