Monday, January 25, 2016

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Left: Martin Muzikant in readable passport; Right: picture in fake passport;

Earliest public records show that Martin Muzikant, said to be Czechoslovakian has been in Belize since 2010. On July 19, 2010, he married, Sherolyn Sherilee Moore, 22, at the time. It is unknown when exactly he entered the country and by what means or what port of entry.

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Muzikant or Petr Maneth (another name he goes by) was expelled from Belize in April of 2013 but somehow has resurfaced in the country and once again wound up in police custody. We are referring to him as Martin Muzikant for the purpose of this story.

Belizean and other authorities are trying to establish Muzikant’s true identity and his background after he was picked up by police in Orange Walk Town on Sunday around 3:00pm at Mercy’s Kitchen on Queen Victoria Avenue where he was spotted by a tipster.

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Muzikant first wound up in custody of Belizean authorities after entering the country via the Belize – Mexico border in March of 2013, allegedly with fake credentials. Two passports were found in his possession – both with same personal data but different pictures – one with undetectable information when processed by immigration.

Muzikant was taken into custody but soon escaped after he allegedly paid police in Corozal for his release him. He was recaptured shortly after and taken to court where he pled guilty to escape and offered apology for his folly.

In court he offered this statement: “I apologize for what happened. Regarding the escape, I felt very bad in custody. The door of my cell was left open and I left.”

As for second passport, I was of the opinion that I had that in case I lost my original passport

I apologize for all this. I have a wife here in Belize We have been married for a long time so I would like the court to allow me to stay here in Belize if possible.”

Prosecution agreed to a fine in exchange for fingerprints which Muzikant reportedly gave voluntarily. A case of tail wagging the dog and substantiates common suspicion that he entered the country illegally and got married to secure Belizean citizenship. This also exposes terrible lax in Belize’s embattled immigration system.

Muzikant was expelled by the court in April of 2013 and was escorted across the border by a man purporting to be from the Czech Republic who said that he had a ticket to fly Muzikant direct from Mexico to the Czech Republic where he is wanted for several organized crime activities including money laundering.

What happened thereafter is unknown as Muzikant has resurfaced in the country. Sources reported sightings of him San Pedro and in Corozal town before however none acted to apprehend him until now. Muzikant, we are told has a Belizean passport. No surprises there given rampant corruption in that department. If indeed that passport does exists – it unknown its whereabouts similar to that of nfamous South Korean fugitive Kim Won Hong who obtained Belizean citizenship while in prison in Taiwan on immigration charges.

Muzikant’s wife, Ms. Moore is reportedly cooperating with authorities. She reportedly told authorities that Muzikant paid her BZD$5000 to marry him and promised another BZD$8000 for her to obtain a divorce. The marriage was never consummated we are told. Whether the divorce was applied for and obtained is unknown.

Muzikant was reportedly interviewed by Czech Honorary Counsulate in Belize on Holy Thursday, 2013 while he was in detention in Orange Walk. Counsel reportedly spoke to him in his purported language which, we are told, Muzikant struggled to deliver himself fluently in. That raised further questions about his alleged identity. Another source – a Slovenian residing in Belize said that Muzikant appears to be Slovenian.

Nothing adds up about the alleged Martin Muzikant/Petr Maneth said to be from the Czech Republic. Police are certain they have their man but not his true identity.

Other records provided to us show that Muzikant ended up in police custody in July 2010 (two days after he wedded Ms. Moore) and again in December 2012.

Martin Muzikant Police Rec 2    Martin Muzikant Police Rec 1

Muzikant was interviewed by Honorary Consulate on Monday again. We are not privy to the details of the interview.

Muzikant apparently resisted arrest on Sunday and is expected to be charged for that as well. Pictures we obtained show an abrasion below his right eye believed to be injury he sustained during struggle with police.

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Attorney at law Marcel Cardona represented Muzikant during his ordeal in 2013. Following his expulsion, Cardona started to receive alleged threats from a Ryszard Kwartnik said to be a spokesperson for Hana Belickova, purportedly, Muzikant’s mother and/or an associate of Muzikant.

Cardona’s career was threatened after Muzikants mother, Hana Belickova complained to the General Legal Council that she sent $14 Thousand USD to Cardona to secure bail for her son.

Western Union Marcel Cardona 1    Western Union Marcel Cardona 2

Western Union receipts showing transaction with between Belickova and Marcel Cardona.

“I have sent the money based on Mr. Cardona’s advice and Mr. Cardona’s instruction,” Belickova complained. “In addition to this amount, I have sent to Mr. Marcel Cardona approximately BZD $3000 to cover his legal fees and USD$200 to transfer the money to Martin Muzikant. Mr Cardona also took USD $600 from police station deposit which belong to Martin Muzikant,” Belickova stated.

“Mr. Muzikant’s case was closed on April 23, 2013 when he pleaded guilty and was convicted to pay fine which Mr. Cardona paid using money I sent.”

“We have asked Mr. Cardona to pay back to us the remaining balance of $14 Thousand USD after subtracting the fine which he paid and possibly other cost that may have arisen,” Belickova concluded.

For his part, Cardona said that Muzikant begged him to do whatever to free him. “I have contacted someone who is very close to the magistrate….the person told me he arranged everything in advance to get your son bail today…however it is costing about twenty thousand dollars….to get officials to agree to give him bail,” Cardona said. Quite an audacious declaration reported by Channel 7 Belize, was transmitted by email.

Cardona further elaborated, “One of the complaints is, allegedly I may have overcharged the client for services. I want to say to you, and to be very clear, the amount of work that I have put in for that client, I am fully prepared to be able to substantiate everything that was charged to that client, everything for services. The second allegation for some email, I wish to indicate to you, at no point in time did I write any such email and I am certainly aware that, from members of my staff, neither did they write such email to anyone whatsoever. So I am convinced that, as it relates to the second issue of some email, it is a fabrication intended to injure me and I intend to challenge that.”

No decision on the case brought against Marcel Cardona has been handed down and he continues to practice.

Police did not issue report on Muzikant’s arrest in their daily report on Monday. It is believed that they are being extra careful this time to prevent another escape and a repeat of the embarrassing Nanes Shnitzer scenario. Suffice it to say, Muzikant either does not want to go anywhere else or Belize is the only sanctuary available to him. We will keep you updated.